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The musical career of Robin Lynn Macy started before the Dixie Chicks (with the group Danger in the Air), and continued after she left the group in 1992. After the Domestic Science Club broke up, Robin returned to her Kansas roots to return to her other love, teaching math.

But from 2000 to 2003, Robin was part of a regional bluegrass band called Big Twang. The group cut one great album, Pastures of Plenty, before the post-9/11 economic slump forced some of the band members to focus on their day jobs. Before long, the group disbanded.

These pages are a mirror of the web site, retrieved from the Internet Wayback Machine. All contents should be considered the property of the former members of Big Twang. This mirror is hosted by the All-Inclusive Dixie Chicks Page. Questions should be directed to the Webmaster (dc at dixie dash chicks dot com).

These listings are here so you can kick yourself and say "Man! I should have been there!" Don't feel bad. Check out our upcoming dates and come see us so you won't have to keep torturing yourself.

July 20 Botanica's Concert In The Garden, 7:30pm
22 The Artichoke, 8pm, $5
28 RockyGrass, Lyons, CO
Aug. 12 Double Stop Fiddle Shop, Guthrie, OK 405-282-6646
19 Old Settler's Day, Mulvane, KS, 12:30pm
19 The Bluegrass Cafe, Whitewater, KS, 7pm, 799-1900, $5
26 Santa Fe Bluegrass & Old Time Music Festival, Santa Fe, NM
Sept. 2 Album Release Party, Historic Scottish Rite Auditorium, 1st & Topeka,
concert starts at 7:30 PM and admission is $5
14-17 Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, KS
30 Old Cowtown Museum, THE LONGHORN MAIN STAGE, Wichita, KS
for more information: 316-264-0639
Oct. 1 Old Cowtown Museum, THE LONGHORN MAIN STAGE, Wichita, KS
for more information: 316-264-0639
6-7 Oklahoma International BG Festival, Guthrie, OK

Thursday, November 2
KMUW benefit at Cabaret Old Town following the legendary Joan "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" Baez concert at the Orpheum Theatre. Hey! Support NPR (the best in news & information and cool programming) $100 per ticket - but just think of it as a wonderful tax-deductible contribution to great local broadcasting.

Friday, November 3
Big Twang appears again at the New & Improved BLUEGRASS CAFE in beautiful downtown Whitewater, Kansas, within spittin' distance of Jeff Scroggin's brand-spankin' new 3-bedroom, two-car garage, bath 'n half domicile in Derby, Kansas. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, all twangers, great and small, are now official Kansans. 7:00 show with a $5 cover, great greasy burgers and dinner specials courtesy of proprietress Vickie Hershberger. Call 799-1900 for reservations.

Saturday, November 11
Borders Books and Music, smoke-free.bring the kids, sip cappuccino, peruse the latest kiss-and-tell expose about the Dixie Chicks, or just read some Nietzsche. (Rumor has it that Robin's Geometry students are coming en masse following the State Championship Football Game where WCS is favored to win. Go Spartans. Come celebrate.) 7:00 showtime.

Saturday, December 2
BLUEGRASS CAFE in Whitewater, Kansas. It's our Christmas concert and nothing fits better in a stocking than a Pastures of Plenty C.D. Kenny promises there'll be a sing-a-long and Darren's gonna dress like Santa. In case you're wondering, here's our Christmas list:

  1. Robin wants a new guitar that stays in tune.
  2. Ken wants a mint-condition L.P. of "George Jones sings Hank Williams".
  3. Darren wants a cure for his pesky sleep-apnea (and so does Casey Lynn)
  4. Jeff needs a lifetime supply of Nodose and a few dozen banjo students
  5. And of course, Troy just wants inner peace and harmony.
Friday December 8
The Artichoke Pub, 811 N. Broadway 263-9164 Our favorite bluegrass-friendly watering hole. Come early, stay late. (Pat Audley owns the joint and you gotta love a teacher who runs a pub on the side.) $7 cover. We'll start picking about 8:00 pm.
Saturday December 9
We are making the trek up to Manhattan to play a "benefit for Habitat for Humanity, a program that assists families by constructing lesser-cost homes". Yeah I stole that text from another website but if I put it in quotes and cite a reference, it's not plagiarism, right? Show starts at 7 PM at the Manhattan Arts Center. Come help a worthy cause. We will also be performing an in-store at Streetside Records (1231 Moro, 776-7373) that afternoon. Stop by while you're out doing your Christmas shopping.

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