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The musical career of Robin Lynn Macy started before the Dixie Chicks (with the group Danger in the Air), and continued after she left the group in 1992. After the Domestic Science Club broke up, Robin returned to her Kansas roots to return to her other love, teaching math.

But from 2000 to 2003, Robin was part of a regional bluegrass band called Big Twang. The group cut one great album, Pastures of Plenty, before the post-9/11 economic slump forced some of the band members to focus on their day jobs. Before long, the group disbanded.

These pages are a mirror of the web site, retrieved from the Internet Wayback Machine. All contents should be considered the property of the former members of Big Twang. This mirror is hosted by the All-Inclusive Dixie Chicks Page. Questions should be directed to the Webmaster (dc at dixie dash chicks dot com).

Monday, June 11, 2001
Jeff's son Tristan has created some art work featuring the band. We thought he did such a fantastic job that we wanted to share them here. Check out Go Big Twang! and Band Portrait.

Friday, Mar 16, 2001
David McCarty has written a short review of the CD in the latest issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine. It's also posted on their website. We are honored!

Thursday, Jan 25, 2001
Welcome to the 21st century! The band has been in the woodshed lately and is about to emerge with a lot of new songs. I'm very excited by the music we've been making and I think you're gonna enjoy it. Thanks to everyone who supported us in 2000 and we look forward to seeing you in 2001

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