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"Nightingales O' The Prairie" -- Spring/Summer 1993

Before they hit the big time -- and one time after -- the Dixie Chicks sent a newsletter to their loyal fans. The irregularly published Chick Chat was a facinating stream-of-conciousness look into the lives of a group of talented young ladies (and gentlemen) struggling with life on the road.

A big "thank you" to Jeff Cooke for this great find! I was afraid that the gaps in the Chick Chat archive would be permanent. Also, thanks to Jeff for helping me get back into updating the site!
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Presidential Inaugration


We were invited to play'n sing'n prance around stuffing ourselves with horse d'oovers (looked like designer cat food) at the event of the century; the Pres-i-dential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. We actually saw the top of President Clinton's head -- in person. Little Al Gore, III and his buddies hung out with us backstage.

Ever striving for a Cowgirl fashion statement, we donned our snappy new duds for the occasion -- setting off the Secret Service metal detectors like a plumber's tool box as we walked in. Various elegante folks were shipering, "They must be from Dallas." I think it was the hair which we poofed up bigger'n trashcan lids!

Anyway, the Inauguration was all it was cracked up to be: beautiful, festive, real big and snazzy. We were proud to be Texas Ambassadors -- yahoo! Better yet, we were honored to be bumping rhinestones with many of our musical heroes 'n' heroines like Emmy Lou Harris, who looked like the angel she is, and Kathy Mattea -- she blew the walls down with a killer performance as usual. Old Martie chummed with some guy named Paul (you know, Paul Simon). Laura pestered Jimmy Buffet for a picture... he hadn't heard of us. Emily came face-to-face with Johnny Cash as they reached for the same deviled crab puff (Emily won). We shared the stage with Jerry Jeff Walker -- the perfect Texas gentleman. The big CD Doodah was a night we'll always remember.


[Photo: "With Liza Minnelli in West Palm Beah, FL. L-R, Martie, Liza Minnelli, Tom Van Schaik (guitarist), Laura & Emily"]

At our Bichmere Show [sic], Jimmy Fortune, of the Statler Brothers was in the audience... great guy! He might have us on their show -- Oh What shall we wear?

On our way to the show at Johnny D's, we stopped in downtown Boston. No, we didn't have a tea party, we made a big brownish-grey snowgirl -- which we named Frostilina the Snowchick. We accessorized her with a bag of Martie's dried fruit.

Headin' south on the New Jersey Turnpike, we had a snack-attack, and ever-loyal to our country roots, pulled into a Roy Rogers Hamburger Restaurant... and ran into Michael Jackson's dad -- what a Thriller -- (bodyguards and all). We gave him a CD and took pictures with him... we didn't have our bodyguards.

We had a ten day West Palm Beach show and found out when theyre's a warning of Sea Lice, they mean it. It doesn't matter how fancy the hotel is when you have a rash... but chocolates on the pillow sure help. The highlight of that trip was being invited to a private concert given by Liza-with-a-Z Minnelli. She is as nice as she is Broadway.

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Instantly, a few thousand miles away from Boston (that's how it is when you write on the road), we're sittin' in one of th purtiest hotels in San Francisco, lokkin' out at Alcatraz (better'n the other way around). We had a coupla weeks work here... great music town! We've eaten our weight in sourdough bread, and it's beginning to show -- our rhinestones are a little further apart here 'n' there. Laura syas, "If anyone says anything about it, just say we're cowgirls, not fashion models."

The show here has been real exciting for us. Our dressing room was next to Bob Newhart's... we radied his candy barrel while he was on stage. And... we met Larry King and Robert Shields (you know -- Shields an dYarnell). Gaaawlleeeee!


[Picture: the Justin Boots poster, caption "Hey! You can get one of these posters!"]

Justin case you find yourself in a boot store in America or Canada, keep an eye peeled for our flashy new Justin Boot Poster. We went over to Cowtown, and darned if they didn't give us a bunch of great boots. They sure feel good, and maybe you can get a poster if you write Justin Boots in Fort Worth. Just say "Hi" to some fine bootmakers -- they're over there cuttin', stitchin', and poundin' on leather while we get all the glory. Thank you, Justin.


Yep, we finally buried the old faithful blue fan -- she served us well, even with busted fan belts, water pumps, tons o' flats, stuck valves and the smell of spilled perfume. The morning we towed her away we had memorial pork chops, and observed a moment of horn honking... Then we bought our first home... on wheels! The new rig has color TV, a microwave, an industrial strength vanity, two spice racks (perfect for curlers), a bathroom full of drums and -- get this pink carpet, pink chairs, pink sofa, pink formica accoutrements -- I think you get the idea (the boys weren't with us when we picked it out).

[Drawing by George Toomer of the Dixie Chicks in the new bus]

Not lettin' the dust settle, we immediately set out on a Maiden Voyage... took us 120 miles to get used to the space. We'll have to spill somethin' on it before it's officially the Chickmobile. HEY KIDS! Help us think of a name for her!


While we were playin' at the El Paso Livestock Show & Rodeo (Laura's old stompin' ground and trail of broken hearts), Laura was reunited with favorite pets, old running buddies, family, four former boyfriends, one ex-husband, and the famous Dennis -- the first boy she ever kissed. He's still blushin' red!

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Dixie Chicks Show Dates

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On our way to the Duncanville show in our new unnamed RV, we ran up to another RV and tried to get 'em to drag race with us -- but they wouldn't play. What's the use of having a "roadhog" if you can't hog the orad? We're gals on the go... we've been using a stethoscope to find the rattles -- and just when we think we've found one, it moves!

We sure do like to get letters from kids, 'specially li'l cowgirls. We'd love to print 'em here, but they come in such funny sizes, they won't fit. Sometimes we get back one of our coloring books all colored, with a note enclosed. A recent example:

"Dear Chicks, When I play dress-up with my friend, I make her listen to Pink Toenails."

If you know some little shavers who would enjoy our stuff, send us their names and we'll get 'em on the mailing list.

Speaking of mailing... we put out Chick Chat whenever we can. Our lists are all over the place, so sometimes we miss. To assure you get our newsletter fast, everytime, join our fan club by sending five dollars ($5.00) to cover handling and postage for a year. Of course it's automatic when you order something from the Chick Boutique -- you'll be on the permanent list.

May 1st was the one-year bithday of our Little Ol' Cowgirl CD -- we had some birthday cake and counted how many CDs we have left... not many. Better get one soon if you want it. Flime ties when you're having pun! We still have a few Thank Heavens for Dale Evans DCs, by the way. The new album will be out by October!

Lastly, we would like to thank our local fans for standing behind us once again and voting us Best Country-Western Band of 1993 at the Dallas Observer Music Awards. We are deeply honored.

Until next time, we remain Truly Yours,

The Dixie Chicks

[The George Toomer drawing of all three Chicks, with their signatures]

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Chicks Boutique

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[Picture: The Chicks tied to a railroad track, with talk bubble: "IT'S COMIN!"]


There's another album in the oven for release this fall -- The Dixie Chick Greatest Non-Hits. Not really! It's gonna be fun... new original songs, and some tracks based on what our buddies (you) have asked for. Lotsa good harmony and toe tappers. We'll keep you posted about the release date.

Editor's Notes:

After the Clinton inauguration in Washington, the Dixie Chicks would later attend George W. Bush's inauguration as governor of Texas. And still later, they'd be the talk of Washington again... for completely different reasons.

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Transcribed by Robert Brooks. Grammar and structure are from the original, but typos and misspellings are probably my own fault.

This mailing had no explicit copyright notice, but should be considered (c) 1992 Dixie Chicks

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