Dixie Chicks: Hometown Country Radio Stations

Dallas has the distinction of being one of the nation's top radio markets. That's not always a good thing, though, because it raises the stakes to a nearly ridiculous level. The drive to make money has led to corporate giants like Chancellor Media taking over huge chunks of spectrum and "reformatting" good stations like the venerable Q102 (see the September 3, 1998 story in the Dallas Observer).

But as far as country music is concerned, we're lucky. We may only have one rock station, but we have no less than four full-time country stations! Compare this with Chicago's single country station, New York City's zero, or London's lone AM country station.

On this page, I count our blessings. I've detailed the distinctions between the country stations, and even included some other notable local broadcasters.

Last update: 10/07/1999


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