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An Introduction to the Dixie Chicks
(all of them)

The Dixie Chicks are without a doubt the hottest "new" group to hit mainstream country music in years. In a genre dominated by Suburban Cowboys like Garth Brooks and Billy Ray Cyrus, they stand alone. The first all-female band to score a #1 hit, with There's Your Trouble, these ladies can actually play music, even if Martie and Emily's virtuoso string performances are sometimes hidden behind thick layers of generic studio music.

But they're not a new group -- these Chicks have paid their dues. And they've gone through some changes. Haven't we all?

What the Nashville marketing machine has chosen to ignore -- not surprisingly -- is the true history of the Dixie Chicks. By their own admission, the group is concerned about "confusion." But the current Dixie Chicks -- Natalie Maines, Emily Erwin, and Martie Seidel -- would not exist now if it were not for the Dixie Chicks of the past. It was Laura Lynch and Robin Macy, along with sisters Emily and Martie Erwin, who created the Dixie Chicks on a street corner in Dallas in 1989.

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They do remember!

That was then:

[Emily] Erwin and [Martie] Seidel are hardly rookies, though; the two recorded three albums on an indie label with another singer, a collection Erwin hopes "never surfaces," since "they don't have the pure Dixie Chicks sound." Which is? "Old-time country played with a new sensibility by three blonds is the best I can figure it."

- Entertainment Weekly, December 1998

This is now:

Says [Natalie] Maines: "There's three blondes who like hair and makeup and clothes, and unless you know the history -- that the band started 10 years ago and this configuration's been together for 4 years and all that -- it looks like it's just Nashville trying to make a country Spice Girls."

- Entertainment Weekly, July 1999

Way to go, Chicks!

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