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How much can one fan of OKOM (Our Kind Of Music) accomplish in just a couple of years? Plenty, if it's Rockzilla, aka photographer Michael Johnson. From 2003 to 2005, was a chronicle of the scene from a uniquely Texan perspective. But all good things must end, and Rockzilla has retired from the online 'zine scene.

This mirror site was copied from the site with the express permission of Rockzilla hisself. If you don't believe me, go to the KHYI-Fans email list and ask him! Buddy will back me up, too.

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Some of our Rockzillaworld columnists, in addition to writing concert and album reviews, also write an occasional feature article. We've started this section to put more of a spotlight on these articles, and to separate them from the reviews.

 Bonny Holder

New Mexico resident Bonny Holder, Senior Reporter, Front Range, packs 30 years of experience into the reviews and features that she writes for us.


Read Bonny's latest feature:

Year of the Horse: Wild Ride Part 2
conversation with Tracy Grammer and Richard Shindell
6 weeks after the death of Dave Carter

Year of the Horse: A Wild Ride Part 1
9/11: A Year Later

conversation with Richard Shindell and Tracy Grammer

I've Been Thinkin' bout the Story 'bout the Train

 William Michael Smith

Houston resident and former oil patch bum, Mike serves as our editor and Houston bureau chief.


Read William Michael Smith's latest feature:


2001 Favorites

 David Pilot

David Pilot , nicknamed "Tailgunner", is passionate in his love of Texas, and has a rare gift for communicating that passion. I am grateful that David has chosen to share his gift through his writing for the site.

Do yourself a favor and check out these outstanding articles by "Tailgunner" Dave Pilot:


Reasons To Quit


What's Wrong With OKOM

A Texas Sunrise

A Texas Sunset

The Hallowed Grounds of Goliad

Rick (The Amazing) Cromack

Rick Cromack makes Dennis Miller look like an illiterate dunce. Get yourself a dictionary and read "The Amazing Cromack"!

Articles by Rick Cromack

The Presidential Debacle

Let's Just Not Have One

Mr. Bush Goes to Washington

Cromack's Bio

Movie reviews by Rick Cromack

Jurassic Park 3

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

 Scott Snidow

Ever vigilant as he guards our northern border, Scott Snidow, beside being an outstanding reviewer, promises to be a fine feature writer.

Read Scott's latest feature:

Notes From TMR and Other Miscellaneous Observations

What's RIGHT with OKOM

Al Kunz

Al Kunz is our guy in the Great White North, based in Minneapolis, MN. Check out Al's latest work.
Music Reviews - A Users Guide

  Michael Johnson

The poster boy for mediocrity, blessed with an uncanny knack for pissing people off, Johnson ( AKA Rockzilla) is the undisputed master of the "tired, lame-assed, back-in-the-day" story. We invite you to kill a few minutes reading his latest epistles.

The Cold Drink Chronicles

Christmas 1957

I Survived The Progressive Country Movement

My First Car

White Trash Saturday Night

Jeff Dennis

 Jeff Dennis is a Dallas based musician who also likes to write about music.



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