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How much can one fan of OKOM (Our Kind Of Music) accomplish in just a couple of years? Plenty, if it's Rockzilla, aka photographer Michael Johnson. From 2003 to 2005, was a chronicle of the scene from a uniquely Texan perspective. But all good things must end, and Rockzilla has retired from the online 'zine scene.

This mirror site was copied from the site with the express permission of Rockzilla hisself. If you don't believe me, go to the KHYI-Fans email list and ask him! Buddy will back me up, too.

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Poems by Jim Clark

Sleight of Hand

        for John S. Poteet

Observe the poem, innocent
on the page. It lies
there, no tricks
up its sleeve. Attend
its casual patter, deft,
insouciant, a distraction
from distraction. Ignore
the furtive glittering
momentarily stayed
at the poem's periphery.
on what your senses
reveal. Say the magic
word-"acorn," or
"appleseed." Out loud,
please. Oh, see-
the poem is in your ear!
No great mystery here.
I bequeath you the patent
of my legerdemain.
I give you the poem
and something more.

©Jim Clark

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