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How much can one fan of OKOM (Our Kind Of Music) accomplish in just a couple of years? Plenty, if it's Rockzilla, aka photographer Michael Johnson. From 2003 to 2005, was a chronicle of the scene from a uniquely Texan perspective. But all good things must end, and Rockzilla has retired from the online 'zine scene.

This mirror site was copied from the site with the express permission of Rockzilla hisself. If you don't believe me, go to the KHYI-Fans email list and ask him! Buddy will back me up, too.

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Yet Another Mindless Thought
By David Miller

One of the great things about being a writer for Rockzilla is the freedom. As long as I'm not starting a holy war (and even then I could probably get away with it if it brought enough hits) I have a free hand in what I want to write about. Since there are three things I truly love in this world, I figured I would give you some insight into those. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll? No. Close though. Music, movies, and books. Ok, ok...not as exciting as the former, but hey, I never said I was exciting.

I live in the great state of Texas. That has probably influenced my musical tastes as much as anything else in my life. The diversity that we have here is amazing. I'm probably like a lot of people in the wide variety I listen to, but even now I wonder about some of the stuff I listened to when I was younger.

Of course, I have the classics like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Bob Wills, and Lefty Frizzell. Then it starts getting a little more recent like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson. But after that things start to get fuzzy. It starts off ok with Tom Petty and somehow drifts over to Color Me Badd.

Color Me Badd? What the hell is that? It only gets worse from there. Here are some other artists in my cd collection. See if you can remember any of these:

Tevin Campbell, Hi-Five, Diana King, All-4-One, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Fun Factory

So you're a country die-hard and don't know any of those, huh? Ok...let's try some "country" artists:

Ken Mellons, Rob Crosby, Orall & Wright, Paul Brandt, Clinton Gregory, Dennis Robbins, Jon Randall, Rick Vincent, Western Flyer.

How many of those ring a bell? I didn't think so.

The sick part is that for me music is very visual. Hearing a song makes me remember other times when I heard it. Just listing those names makes me remember things I should leave in therapy.

I used to go around all of the time telling people my top five artists. They were (yes, in this particular order):

5. Bob Marley
4. Vince Gill
3. Jimmy Buffett
2. George Strait
1. Steve Wariner

I'm not making this up. This was my top five for a very long time. I still love Steve Wariner (anything pre-1998), George Strait can still grab my attention (anything pre-1998), and Jimmy Buffett is one of the most under-rated songwriters in music. Vince Gill hasn't put out anything I consider decent in almost a decade, and Bob Marley is still greatness.

But for my money these days give me Max Stalling. And Mark David Manders. And Houston Marchman, Mike McClure, Hayes Carll, Jack Ingram, Macon Greyson, Jay Johnson, Owen Temple, and more. These are the guys (and girls like Kelly Willis, Kasey Chambers, Heather Morgan) that hold my attention and my respect. If you have not heard of any of these people, I suggest you search this site for some info and then hit or to order you some.

Sometimes I marvel at the fact that I ended up here at all.

Contact David Miller at


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