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 Out & About Parnell Community
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Out & About Parnell Community

by Buddy Eugene Sikes


Deadly Crash

Narrowly Avoided

By Buddy Eugene Sikes

Drama unfolded on the streets of Parnell Community Friday afternoon as an accident occurred on Main Street. A 1954 Farmall Super H, driven by Jimmy Don Parnell, owner of Parnell's Welding and Tractor Repair, collided with a 1983 Chevrolet pick-up driven by Aubrey Barton. Aubrey's wife, Betty, described what happened:

Well, Aubrey and I had just left Porter's Cafe where we had eaten our lunch. We were heading over to Jake's Grocery & Market. We turned onto Main and as we passed in front of the tractor shop, Jimmy Don was backing out of the shop. I guess he didn't see us because he didn't stop until he had smashed into Aubrey's truck. Nobody was hurt but my door won't open now.

Parnell said he had welded a broken starter flange on the "H", owned by Gerald Ray Parnell, and was backing out of the shop when he struck the Bartons' truck, "I just flat out didn't see them", said Parnell. He added that in the future he thought he'd probably back the tractors in to the shop to work on them so that he could drive them out fowards, or he might clear out the back of the shop so that he can just drive them on through the back door.




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