Suzanne's Dixie Chicks Scrapbook

The Dixie Chicks, old and new, have always been surrounded by appreciative and devoted fans. One of the "Old Chicks'" biggest fans was Suzanne Lamb, and she has very graciously given me her permission to tell her Dixie Chicks story in pictures! She started following the Chicks in late 1992, when guitarist Matthew Benjamin replaced founding Chick lead singer Robin Lynn Macy, and stayed around all the way through the album release party for 1998's Wide Open Spaces. When Suzanne found my site, she sent me a note:

Hello Robert,

Have just spent the past hour cruising your Dixie Chick site. Yes, I am one of the OLD genre of fans...coming in just after Robin, when Matt Benjamin was added in. (Guess that would be fall '92?)

Have many stories and albums full of pictures of the old days. Will have to decide just which one stands out most in my mind to write about.

Will go look in my archives and see if I have the last few Chick Chats...

Wish I knew how to contact Matthew....Tom Van Schaik is drumming for Robert Earl Keen, Troy Wells (Matt's replacement) is with a band out in New Mexico -- you can go to (choose bio and choose to see the band). It has a very good pic of Troy Wells and mentions in his background that he played for the Chicks. [Late news: Troy Wells is now with Daron Norwood] You can also find a (not so clear) pic of Tom Van Schaik on Robert Earl Keen's page,

Thanks for giving us old groupies a place to enjoy in cyberspace.

Suzanne Lamb

Of course, I begged her for more stories and info! Here's some of the great info she sent back.

My Dixie Chick saga begins in the fall of 1992. Robin Macy had left the group, and they had hired a guitar player from a band that I liked. Matthew Benjamin was the reason I went to Montage '92 in downtown Dallas. I had known who the Chicks were, but had not seen them in concert. This would turn out to be the beginning of a long friendship and "groupie" life for me.

To choose moments that stand out most in my mind would surely take up too much space and totally bore the average person. However, if you happen to be one of those devoted fans whose faces I kept seeing at the same venues and concerts, I hope these will bring back some good memories for you.

As you can tell, I have seen them grow and change and become the performers they are today. I will be a "Chick" forever, but I do miss those old days of throwing the quilt on the ground and hanging around with some pretty neat folks.

I wish them well and much continued success.

Chicks Rule!!!

Since Suzanne "discovered" the Dixie Chicks when Matthew Benjamin joined in 1992, I asked her about Matthew's previous gigs.

When I met him, he played for a country band called RockRidge that played clubs and venues around Dallas. That band broke up just about the time Robin was leaving the Chicks. From what I remember he knew Martie from some music class in North Texas. He was an extremely talented young man who played the @#!$ out of a guitar.

Laura first noticed us girls when he would be given a small opportunity to hit some hot licks in one of their songs. We would all scream and yell and she would tell the audience that "Matt's Fan Club" is here tonight.

After a gig one night, she asked me "just who are you people?" Told her just a bunch of crazy women, mostly school teachers, who miss hearing him play most any weekend with the old band.

In December of 1993, he did a solo gig at Poor David's Pub with the girls as "back up". He had written "I Wasn't Looking for You", and they came on stage and sang it. He played many orginal guitar pieces he had written as well as anything from the Beatles to rock and roll to country.

He left the band in the summer of '94 to go to Nashville. I keep watching to see if he pops up in anything from there.

Suzanne's Scrapbook

This has pretty much consumed my whole day. Makes me appreciative of the time you must take to work on the site. Thanks for allowing me a spot to share my memories.
- Suzanne

The images in this section are all copyright © Suzanne Lamb, and are used on this site with her permission. If you want to use them on your site, please ask first! You'll feel better in the morning.

If you're interested in even more Dixie Chicks images, you'll find them on this site! Visit the Pictures Page for more images of the "Old Chicks", and check out the artwork of Chick artist George Toomer in the the one-of-a-kind Dixie Chicks Coloring Book, published in 1992!

To view the pictures in sequence, start at the first entry below and then click on the "Next" link at the bottom of each page. Or to view selected pictures, just click any of the entries below, then click the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page.

The descriptions were hand-written one day by Suzanne, and I've typed them in and HTML-formatted them. Any mistakes in spelling and the like are probably my own! Any comments I might have are in [brackets].

The New Beginning with Natalie

More from Suzanne!

Suzanne's Dixie Chicks collection also includes two hard-to-find Chick Chat mailings: Spring 1996 with Laura Lynch's farewell and Natalie Maines' welcome, and the Summer 1997 postcard that marked the end of the "cowgirl" look. The Spring 1996 page also includes a revealing note by The Dallas Morning News' columnist Helen Bryant, from November 1995, that shows some of the raw edges left by Laura's ouster.

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