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Who are the Dixie Chicks? Insightfully perceptive radicals? Or just local girls who made good? This site is about the local girls who took their dream and ran with it to become a defining force in country music.

The Dixie Chicks' career started long before 2003, when lead singer Natalie Maines' onstage quip redefined the band. It started before 1998, when a song about personal independence called "Wide Open Spaces" redefined Country Music. Long before then, the Dixie Chicks were local favorites in their home base of Dallas, Texas, working the honky tonk and high school cafeteria circuit. This site is dedicated to that early phase of their career, when the Dixie Chicks were a band with a lot of promise... and a long road ahead.

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Dixie Chicks Timeline
Follow the Dixie Chicks from their roots in the 1980s (as a quartet!), on to their struggles in the 1990s (with new lead singer Natalie Maines), and their "overnight success" (10 years in the making) in the late 1990s and early 2000s. If you only knew them from their days on mainstream country radio - or even later, when they became known more for not being played - you're in for a treat.
Dixie Chicks Resources
Here's where you'll find links to what the Dixie Chicks are up to these days, as a group and as individuals. Find out what's up with the Court Yard Hounds, Emily and Martie's spinoff band. Keep up with the Cherokee Maidens, where founding member Robin Lynn Macy keeps her bluegrass tradition alive. You'll even catch a glimpse of founder Laura Lynch, who left the spotlight for a satisfying, but quieter life.
About All-Inclusive Dixie Chicks
This site has had its ups and downs, like any other fan site. It even disappeared completely for a couple of years, before returning for its 20th anniversary (wow!) in 2018. But there have been some great stories along the way. My Cease and Desist letter is among my proudest possessions.


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