Daddy spraying the car with a water hose
Taken by Jessica (from inside the car) August 2001

Well, that was fun!

I've had a blast running the "All-Inclusive Dixie Chicks" site (, as well as my other online projects (like the blog). But when my long-time web host gave 30 days' notice of going kaput - half of which I missed because I was on vacation - I decided that it's time to take a break.

The Dixie Chicks site design had a design that was stuck in the '90s and, and hadn't been updated in almost as long. The Tequila Karaoke blog hadn't had a new entry in years, either. Even though it was built on Wordpress, I had crammed too many hodge-podge extensions into a non-standard site template. I've got too many other exciting things going on to spend the next two weeks trying to rebuild two full sites from scratch, using modern web design methods. The result of such a slapdash effort would just be embarassing - kind of like this pure-text placeholder! At least I set the background to white instead of Netscape grey.

But, but, but...

Don't worry - I still have the source files for, the mirrors I hosted (the old Groobees web site and the vast Rockzilla archive), and the Wordpress database for the Tequila Karaoke blog. I've even got Nana's recipe for Turkey Corn Chowder tucked away, just in case.

I'll tell you what. I'm a sucker for a request. If there's something that you were looking for, and you would like it back, tell me on Twitter. If there is enough demand, I'll bring it back!

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It's been a great ride

The truth is, I can't wait to get back on the horse and ride again.

- Robert B, 05/24/2016