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Who are the Dixie Chicks? Insightfully perceptive radicals? Or just local girls who made good? This site is about the local girls who took their dream and ran with it to become a defining force in country music.

The Dixie Chicks' career started long before 2003, when lead singer Natalie Maines' onstage quip redefined the band. It started before 1998, when a song about personal independence called "Wide Open Spaces" redefined Country Music. Long before then, the Dixie Chicks were local favorites in their home base of Dallas, Texas, working the honky tonk and high school cafeteria circuit. This site is dedicated to that early phase of their career, when the Dixie Chicks were a band with a lot of promise... and a long road ahead.

Dixie Chicks Version 1.0

1990 - 1997: A group of four talented singers and instrumentalists peforms on a busy street corner in Dallas, Texas. They call themselves the "Dixie Chicks", a delightfully whimsical name to match their frilly cowgirl look, but their music is the real thing. Combining Western and Bluegrass, the group hits the local clubs, then hits the road.


Dixie Chicks Version 2.0

1998 - 2002: The cowgirl look is gone, along with two of the original members -- replaced by firebrand Natalie Maines. Local reviewers dismiss the group's first major-label release, but the breakout success of Wide Open Spaces puts the Dixie Chicks squarely on the national map. The follow-up album, Fly, cements their place in Country Music history, and gives them the clout to successfully fight their label for creative control. The next album, Home, is a return to their roots, and scores a critical, musical, and financial success. They begin a sold-out arena tour. And then, something strange happens at a small venue outside of London.


Dixie Chicks Version 3.0

2003 - present: "The Incident" takes the focus off the music entirely. The Dixie Chicks become a strawman in a fight over a nation's foreign policy. Not willing to capitulate to their opponents, the Chicks jump into the fray... with mixed results. After a successful tour and live album, the members turn inward, growing their families and writing songs about the experience. Three years later, they release an album whose lead single says "I'm not ready to make nice... I'm not ready to back down."


Mirror sites

The Dixie Chicks have crossed paths with some of the best musicians in the Country, Western, and Bluegrass genres.  Unfortunately, not all of the artists they've encountered have had the same long-lasting success.  The All-Inclusive Dixie Chicks Page is proud to host the mirror sites for several now-defunct web sites, as a way to preserve the history of the group, and of the musical scene it came from and continues to shape.

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